Hit The Books

I used to be a book worm. You know, one of those kids in class that always has a book to read and talks to other kids about whatever book they had. One of the books I was really into was The 39 Clues series. I was SO HOOKED, and so were my friends. Getting all hyped up about the countdown of when the next book was gonna be released, calling National Bookstore to check if they had stocks, collecting the cards– that was our life back in 5th and 6th grade. There were even news and rumours spreading around that there was gonna be a movie after they release the 10th book, which was supposed to be the final book and the end of the series. So of course, we all went cray.


As you can see in the photo, I only have books 1-8. I ended up just borrowing books 9 & 10 because it “only” took me 8 books to realise that I spent so much money just to buy each book, not even including the oh so “important” card packs. 500 pesos for one book that I can finish in a day X 10 books= I could’ve bought something really awesome right now. But hey, books are books; they last. (I guess)

So why did I stop reading/buying a bunch of books? Well the answer is pretty simple: I realised how expensive the books really were, I discovered so many new hobbies, and free PDFs now exist, all thanks to the internet. (Although I still think ebooks are sucky but eh, they’re there.)

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Musical Marathon

It’s currently flooding all over Manila right now because of the tropical depression in the Philippines. It rains non-stop plus the wind is pretty strong too. Thankfully, it isn’t flooding in where I live, but there are so many other people in different cities who have been affected by the bad weather and I am constantly praying for them to be safe. :(

Yesterday, they suspended classes for preschool to high school (sorry college people) and they had to suspend it again for today since the weather just got worse. 2 days of no classes plus another day of no classes since it’s a holiday tomorrow so HOORAY! 

No classes=bumming around the house all day long.


Okay, so I didn’t just want to sleep and eat all day cuz that’s just too unproductive. So I somehow studied some of my lessons, read my book for our book report, and treated myself to a musical marathon. I’m not really a “movie person” so I decided to just watch musicals hahaha! Since I actually haven’t watched a lot of the musicals that I’ve heard about or listened to soundtrack of it, I decided to go to YouTube and watch them! I watched a total of 4 musicals; 2 of them, I never watched before, and the other 2, I’ve already seen. Also, 3 of them were the Broadway version while the other one was only a school production. 

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Alice In What Now?

ImageHey guys! So about 2 weeks ago, Repertory Philippines held a contest for their upcoming show, “Alice In Wonderland”, and they were going to give away 4 orchestra tickets, a meet & greet with the cast, plus a backstage access after the show. Sounds really cool right? Basically, what you had to do was get 3 of your friends, mimic the photo that they posted (above), post in on Instagram, and they would choose which was the best and announce them as the winner. 

When I heard about this contest, I immediately called my 3 friends, set a date when we were gonna do it, assign characters and costumes. After 2 days of the weekend, we came back to school, went somewhere in the hallway after class and BAM, we did our “photoshoot”.


So that was the end result of our “photoshoot” haha! My friends Leon played as the Mad Hatter, Deanne as the Queen of Hearts, Aren as the White Rabbit, and I played as Alice. :)

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Being Content


Be content with whatever you get.

The phrase that always pops up in my head whenever I get something that isn’t what I really aimed for. That phrase has done me both good and bad in various situations in my life. For the good part, it helps me to stop complaining and to just be thankful with whatever I got. It’s better than nothing- another line I usually say to myself. But because of the countless times of when I got what I didn’t want, sooner or later I ended up becoming complacent with wherever I was in my life. This is the bad part because I stopped aiming for high goals and I just settled for the easy-to-reach goals. Instead of going for the best, I ended up just going for the “okay lang” stuff. 

Just imagine that you’re in a toy store and you go through the different aisles looking for the toy that you want the most. You go through one aisle, you look up at the top of the shelf and you see the toy that you’ve been dreaming of getting ever since you saw it on TV. You wanna get it, but you’re too short to reach it. Aside from that toy, you look at the toy in the shelf below it and it’s another toy that you also want, but it was the one you wanted 3 months ago. That toy was easier to reach because all you had to do was tiptoe in order to get it. If you just ran and looked for a salesman to help you get the toy at the top shelf, then you could’ve left the store being the happiest kid on earth. But instead, you chose to tiptoe and get the “okay lang” toy because you were too lazy or shy to ask a salesman to help you get it and you ended up leaving as a happy kid, but not the happiest one there.

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Hider to Seeker


When I was younger, my favorite game used to be “Hide & Seek”, but I would always hope to never become the “it”. I always wanted to be one of the people who just ran and hid in a place that was almost impossible for the “it” to find me. If I ever I was found, I would pretty much get irritated and kinda grumble about it. There were even times that I made an excuse to quit the game just so that someone else would be the “it”. I was basically the KJ type, haha! Thankfully, I’m not like that anymore when I play games; I’ve matured somehow.

Back then, I was also a hider in real life. I was shy, not confident, and I hated the feeling of everyone’s eyes just staring at you as if they were looking into your soul– yep, that’s how I was before. Whenever we would have school plays, each batch is required to be part of it. I would always dread every single rehearsal day we had, especially when we would have our TDR. I was conscious and I was very awkward onstage so obviously, it affected my performance. I never found interest in being onstage until the 4th Grade. It was the first time I auditioned wherein I was actually aiming for a major role. Basically, I was called back, I passed, I got my role, checked the script to highlight my lines, then saw that my only part in the play was to walk across the stage from one end to the other. I was frustrated with the fact that that was my only part and that I had to walk with someone I didn’t really like as a friend. I was a kid back then, so all I thought about was myself and I didn’t understand what acting really was. Long story short, my co-actor and I were obviously shy when we were walking which made my mom sermon me when she saw me right after the show.

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Less talking, more writing.

ImageHey there! You may or may not know me but just to be sure, let’s do this from the beginning.

Hi, my name is Reine Bantang. I’m 14 going on 15 this October and I study in an international school. I love singing, acting, dancing (well I love it the least) but basically, I love performing. I could go on about things about myself but I’ll just tell you the other important things I love: God, my family, friends, the color pink, rainbows, reindeers, other animals, etc.

Well another important thing you should know about me is that I am not a writer. I’m not the type of person who is quick at making scripts, stories, or essays. In my opinion, I’m not that good at it; it’s just not my thing.

I guess you’re probably wondering, why did I create a blog if I already know that writing isn’t my thing? Is this some kind of joke or a one-time thing I’m doing? The answer is no, it’s not a joke nor is it a one-time thing. I’m doing this because I talk too much; not to people, but to myself. I’ve developed this habit of talking to myself whenever I’m alone and I realised that it hasn’t been really helping me with my time management. Okay, so it might have helped me somehow with dealing with my personal problems (which I won’t go into detail with) but now that my schedule is getting more hectic as the days pass, I found it a waste of time and energy. When I said that I talk “too much”, I literally mean TOO MUCH. I would probably talk to myself for an hour or more and this usually happens right before I sleep, which is around 10:30PM. After talking endlessly about different topics, I check the clock and it’s already 12AM. I’m spontaneous and talkative; what can I say? Haha!

So basically this blog is going to be a replacement to my hours of talking. I guess you can say this is my “diary” even if it really isn’t going to be one. I won’t post every single thought I have in my mind because that’s just might be too much information for the public HAHA. I make videos and covers of songs as well so maybe I’ll be posting stuff about those too since I do enjoy talking about the technical side or how I put these things together. I don’t have specific dates of when I’ll post things on this blog but if there will be a time that I want to talk about random topics and I’m not that busy, I’ll try as much as I can to post. :)

- Reinedeer

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